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Active IT Support (UK)

All active support of clients - from simple IT support tasks to planning & projects - is covered by a Prepaid Retainer*, which works as follows:

Client prepays for time in five-hour increments starting with a minimum of 10 hours.

Should prepaid time elapse, Client has ten days grace period (“grace period”) in which work will be billed at prepaid rates if more prepaid time is purchased. 

Standard rates will apply to all grace period work if no prepaid time is purchased within the grace period.

Unused prepaid hours expire without refund 6 months after purchase.

Fogdog’s standard hourly rate apply during normal business hours, from 8AM and 6PM (GMT). "After Hours" are applied after normal business hours, weekends, and holidays.

These rates are only applicable as described above.

Current Rates:

£140 Prepaid     £160 Standard       £190 After Hours

* Both RMM & Retainers are recommended for engagement of Fogdog IT services

Remote Monitoring & Management

Client pays monthly for Fogdog IT remote management and monitoring software (RMM*) with a ten (10) device minimum as follows:


£40 per workstation       ● £70 per server



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